Scar-Si® Silicon Bandage Mammo-Patch 6 areolas



Scar-Si® silicon bandage Mammo-Patch is composed of 2 areolas of 7 cm x 14 cm. Scar-Si® Mammo-Patch is ideal for use following breast surgery.

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135,00 €

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Longueur6 Pathes of 14 cm
Protection solaireProvide a solar protection of SPF 40.
Largeur6 Patches of 7 cm

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- Scar-Si® silicon bandage significantly smoothes out the scars and regenerate your skin.

Using the action of silicon gelScar-Si® products restore the skin deteriorated by the scar. Scar-Si® technology allows your scar to breathe and regenerate in a record time. 

- A simple and innovative use for an active day to day process.

Easy to use, Scar-Si® silicon bandage is placed and removed without pain and can be worn with the greatest comfort all day long. 

- Remove the protective sheet

- Place on the scar following the pressotherapy recommendations indicated on the user nstructions

- Wash every other day and your band will be reusable for 21 to 28 days

- A global treatment for optimal results

Washable, reusable and protective, one Scar-Si® silicon bandage provides you with a global treatment with a low price and optimal results. 


Compressive and cuttable Scar-Si® Mammo-Patch includes 6 areolas of 7 cm x 14 cm.  Scar-Si® Mammo-Patch is indicated in the treatment of scars resulting of breast surgery and provides you a global treatment.


- Remove the protective sheet and place Scar-Si® Mammo-Patch from the base of your breast to the top. You have to put your nipple in the patch’s hole. While applying, favour the lying down position for a better comfort. The adhesive side has to be in contact with the skin.

Scar-Si® silicon bandage is cientic : stretch it to apply pressure on the skin, therefore combining the efficiency of silicone and pressotherapy.

Scar-Si® silicon bandage will have to be worn minimum 12 hours a day. In case of intolerance, the application can be progressive, 4h/24 then 6h/24 until 24h/24.

- When the product is not used it must be protected with the protective sheet and left in its case.

Scar-Si® silicon bandage must be placed on a dry and and properly healed skin.

Scar-Si® silicon bandage must be applied on a clean skin, with no ointment or powder.


During your daily care, take off the band and wash it with mild soap every 2 days minimum. Drying up the band with a hairdryer increases the product’s adhesiveness. You can then humidify your fingers in order to manipulate the product more easily. Under normal conditions of use, the lifetime of the product is between 21 and 28 days. 

NB : The Scar-Si® products are class I medical device and they can be covered my some private health coverage.