Saint-Hugon® Laboratory

The Saint-Hugon® Laboratory is a family company, we believe that every individual is primordial, we are committed to respecting his identity and integrity. We design innovative and effective products tailored for everyone needs. 

The nature is fundamental, and we are committed to promote an optimal and respectful use of the products that the nature offers, especially essential oils and the trace elements.

All our products are certified, developed and made in France.

Research and Development

We develop bandages combining silicon technology with the activity of trace elements and essential oils.

Innovation is our priority, we spend 40% of our turnover in Research and Development.


A rich and singular history

The history of Saint-Hugon Laboratory is closely linked with the French Alps and the Carthusian monks wich settled in the region during the 12th century. With a lifestyle close to nature and an ancestral know-how, the Carthusians monks have always excelled in the use of medicinal plants.

Today, the monastery is occupied by the buddist institution Karmaling, thus perpetuating the strong spiritual atmosphere in this unique place.

In 1905, after the separation between the Church and the State, the Monks were forced into exile and left for Tarragona, Spain.

Before leaving the Alps, the Cartusians Monks handed to Alexis Biron, pharmacist in Grenoble, the formula of their Saint-Hugon ointment, based on essential oils which virtues can treat damaged hands, painful muscles, burns…

The Saint-Hugon ointment went on to be sold by Alexis Biron and his descendants at the Pharmacie Centrale in Grenoble for decades.

It is with the aim of perpetuating this strong tradition and to continue this legacy, under the best conditions, that the Saint-Hugon Laboratory will be created in 2005.

Saint-Hugon Laboratory has an ethical and sustainable approach combining tradition and innovation to answer our customers’ needs.