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Saint-Hugon® ointment for the muscles and articulations problems


Saint-Hugon® ointment is a natural product providing a targeted response to the skin, muscles and articulation problems. 

A unique combination between several natural products. The ointment is made with essential oils for a quick action and prolonged effect.

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Poids40 g of ointment - Jar in opaline - Total weight 120 g

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A natural ointment based on essential oils

The original composition and the restorative action of essential oils combined with the olive oil, the beeswax and the turpentine, make the Saint-Hugon® ointment the perfect natural product for a family use.

A natural ointment based for a targeted action and prolonged effect 


- Eucalyptus oil: antiseptic and healing,

- Lavender essential oil: antiseptic,

- Thyme oil: antiseptic and healing,

- Rosemary: antirheumatic and antiseptic,

- Beeswax: soothing, rich in propolis,

- Turpentine: anti-inflammatory, extract of larch resin,

- Olive oil: soothing and healing.

To prepare the muscles for the effort and for the muscular recuperation

Apply the ointment with a fast massage to warm up the muscles.  

Apply the ointment with a soft and prolonged massage to relax the muscles when the recovery phase.

For the painfull articulations

Apply the ointment with a soft and prolonged massage to make penetrate the ointment. You can as well cover with a bandage. 

For the treatment og damaged hands and foot

The restorative action of essential oils combined with the olive oil, provides an ideal protection for the damaged or chapped hands and/or foot. Massage and cover with a bandage.

For the damaged skin and burns

Apply with a massage several times day to make the ointment penetrate. You can also apply the ointment and cover with a bandage. 



- Allergy to any component,

- Skin application: only for adults and for children over 30 months

- Not for use for pregnant women,

- Do not apply to mucous membranes

A rich and singular history

The history of Saint-Hugon® ointment is closely linked with the French Alps and the Carthusian monks wich settled in the region during the 12th century. With a lifestyle close to nature and an ancestral know-how, the Carthusians monks have always excelled in the use of medicinal plants.

Today, the monastery is occupied by the buddist institution Karmaling, thus perpetuating the strong spiritual atmosphere in this unique place.

In 1905, after the separation between the Church and the State, the Monks were forced into exile and left for Tarragona, Spain.

Before leaving the Alps, the Cartusians Monks handed to Alexis Biron, pharmacist in Grenoble, the formula of their Saint-Hugon ointment, based on essential oils which virtues can treat damaged hands, painful muscles, burns…

The Saint-Hugon® ointment went on to be sold by Alexis Biron and his descendants at the Pharmacie Centrale in Grenoble for decades.

It is with the aim of perpetuating this strong tradition and to continue this legacy, under the best conditions, that the Saint-Hugon® Laboratory will be created in 2005.

NB : Saint-Hugon® ointment is a cosmetic product.